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What Is A Song?

Kind of a odd question to ask isn’t it?

Or… is it not? To me, a song first and foremost

is a captured emotion or emotions, transcended into

A vehicle capsule that comes out as music,

which also contains an element of melody,

repetition, catchiness, and more....

it’s a delicate art form but it’s also meant to be enjoyed as entertainment. It speaks volumes, but it also is there

To take you on a journey, one that only YOU know and feel.

The art of the song consists of many emotional moving parts such as: Lyrics, literature, knowledge, musicianship, popular culture and even more.

It is a cross hybrid between Artistic statements and the marketplace desires. Which gives us literally thousands of

ways to say what we feel or want to feel.

Indeed, A song is more then can meet the ear. :)

(In the pic: Yogev Lifchin with one of his idols, Manchester 2016)



Signed Guitar

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"If you want to be a singer, or play guitar man you gotta sweat or you won't get far... Because it is never too late to work Nine to Five..." (KISS)

"If Love is a drug than I wanna Overdose" (Anton Newcombe)

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